Somerset/Hunterdon Raw Creamed Wildflower Honey (44 Oz.)
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Somerset/Hunterdon Raw Creamed Wildflower Honey (44 Oz.)

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Wildflower out of stock until May 6! Cinnamon in stock and ready for order today!

Because we love honey, and because we want to share with you the richness and diversity of the beautiful honeys produced throughout the state, we are offering a new raw, light amber wildflower honey sourced from beeyards in Somerset/Hunterdon County. We’ve creamed this rich and tasty honey made from millions of wildflowers. Since it’s creamed, it will never crystallize any further and remains 100 percent raw. It’s not as robust as our previous dark honey out of Hunterdon, but our Raw Creamed Somerset/Hunterdon Wildflower Honey has notes of caramel and just a hint of spice. Good for toast, tea and baking!

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