Bayberry & Beeswax Pinecone Candle
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Bayberry & Beeswax Pinecone Candle

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This candle is 3 inches high. The rest of the candles pictured will only be at markets or our farm store.

We’re introducing a collection of bayberry candles for the holidays! A mixture of pure beeswax and bayberry, a lovely all-natural wax that smells like Christmas: fir trees, ginger and nutmeg…like the forest in winter.🌲🎄🌲🎄🌲🎄

In America, since Colonial times, burning bayberry candles on Christmas and New Year’s has meant good luck in the coming year. People harvested the tiny berries from the wax myrtle shrub, boiled them, skimmed off the green wax and dipped tapers. So labor intensive and precious, the candles were saved for the most important days of the year.

Nowadays, you’ll find bayberry candles everywhere during the holidays, but it’s not real bayberry wax and the scent comes from synthetic fragrance oils. We’ve mixed the bayberry wax, which can be brittle and fast-burning, with pure beeswax. Our soft sage-green candles are perfect for our Christmas tree molds. And our bee skeps. And pinecones.

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