Appalachian Piedmont Blend Honey
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Appalachian Piedmont Blend Honey

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Beekeepers appreciate the value of truly raw honey, we know how hard the bees work to make it. We think our customers do, too. So we are proud to offer our Appalachian Piedmont Blend honey. A blend of our own local raw honey with that of beekeepers we know & trust from New York & Pennsylvania.

For our customers who do not need exclusively local honey for the pollen it contains, we think this 100 percent, pure and raw wildflower honey is a great way to spread the goodness even further. At $1 less per pound.

The Appalachian Piedmont runs from upstate NY all the way to Alabama, on the eastern side of the Appalachian mountain range, where the forest gives way to rolling hills and farmland. It’s the sweet spot, where honeybees can work flowering trees and shrubs in the forests: black locusts, tulip poplars, basswoods, and viburnums, and the wildflowers and fruit trees in nearby pastures and farmland.

Our Appalachian Piedmont Blend has all of the taste and health benefits you’ve come to expect from our honey, but might be a bit sweeter because of the lower price point! We think you’ll love it. Available year-round. Creamed, so it’s smooth and spreadable; never heated, so it's delicious.

Wholesale is available for retailers and farm stores. Email: for more information.

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