Buy Our Bees

Experienced beekeepers know that buying local bees is the best way to ensure the viability and strength of an apiary. We're proud to share our bees with you in 2022. We select for disease resistance, sweet temperament and honey production, traits we want in our own bee yards throughout Central New Jersey. 
For more than a decade we have been breeding and overwintering honeybees. Five-frame nucs will be available in May, following inspection by the State Apiarist. They will be packed in waxed cardboard nuc boxes and available for evening pickup at our farm in Flemington, NJ.
A five-frame nuc with a Neshanic Station Apiaries overwintered 2021 queen: $275.
A five-frame nuc with Neshanic Station Apiarees bees & brood and a 2022 California queen: $250.
No deposits are necessary. Fill out the form and we will be in touch about pickup. For updates on our bees, follow our Instagram and Facebook pages: @neshanicstationapiaries.