Apiary & Farm Tour

Come to Our Farm and Meet Our Bees!

We’re thrilled to share them with you in an up close and  personal way! We’ll suit you up head-to-toe in a beekeeping suit, show you around our home apiary and take you inside one of our beehives.

We’ll show you the inner workings, explain what we look for in caring for our bees,  and point out all the residents: the queen, worker bees and drones. As we move through the hive you’ll be able to hold a frame with the bees and we’ll make sure to take photos for you.

It’ll be a fascinating experience you’ll leave with a deeper appreciation and understanding of these amazing creatures.

We’ll answer all your honeybee questions, introduce you to our small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, if you like, and do some honey sampling back at the honey house.

Tours are limited to groups of 10. Children must be accompanied by a parent, and must be 5 or older. Participants must sign a waiver before the tour.

Tours are completely weather dependent, if there is rain in the forecast or the temperature will be less than 65 degrees, we will contact you by email 24 hours before the tour to reschedule. 

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Tours will be offered twice a week, weather permitting, from May through October. Dates will be posted and available for booking in March. Tickets purchasers will be notified when the dates are posted.

Private Tours

We are happy to customize our tour for your group. We can accommodate up to 20. Please contact us to inquire about the details and cost.


What's the refund policy?

Due to the limited number of these events, we are not able to offer refunds. Please make sure you are able to attend before you make your purchase. If you cannot participate, you may transfer your ticket to someone else. You must contact us more than 24 hours before the event to transfer your ticket.

Inclement Weather & Cancellation Policy?

If the weather looks like it will not be cooperating on the day of your tour, we will email you 24 hours ahead of time and let you know if the tour is canceled. If we have future dates to offer and you accept, we will transfer your ticket to the new date. If you cannot make it to a future tour date, we will issue you a refund.

What if I'm allergic to bees? Will I be stung?

This tour is not for anyone allergic to flying insects, period. Stings are always a risk, so you will participate at your own risk. However, stings are rare.

How do we keep our participants safe?

Safety is the main focus throughout the tour.

  • We will brief you on proper protective gear and safe ways to move and stand around the hives.
  • We DO NOT carry EpiPens, Benedryl or any other medication. In the case of a serious reaction, we will contact 911 for emergency services.
  • Any participants exhibiting reckless or harmful behavior to themselves, the bees or most importantly, anyone on the tour, will immediately be asked to leave.

What should I bring?

  • Wear loose-fitting long pants and a long sleeve shirt.
  • Closed-toe shoes are REQUIRED.

Do not wear perfumes or heavily scented lotions.

  • Do not wear constrictive jewelry like rings or tight bracelets. 

For any questions not covered here, please contact us at 908-377-1681.

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