Raw Buckwheat Honey (1 Lb.)
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Raw Buckwheat Honey (1 Lb.)

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Raw Buckwheat honey from Upstate NY. Dark and rich, with notes of molasses, coffee and chocolate.🍯

Not as sweet as lighter honeys, but lovely and complex. Perfect on pancakes, swirled into a strong mug of black coffee or tea. A great addition to marinades. Equally delicious on a spoon!

Contains even more antioxidants than other honeys. Bringing it to all of our weekend markets, along with lots of free samples.

Because there’s not enough buckwheat grown in this area to produce a crop of honey with our bees, we’ve purchased this honey from a beekeeper we know and trust. We’re happy to finally be able to offer it to all of our customers who have repeatedly requested it.

As a commodity crop, buckwheat is not as popular as corn, soy or wheat. On the East coast, buckwheat is grown primarily in NY State.🐝

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