Japanese Knotweed Honey Bear
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Japanese Knotweed Honey Bear

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If you love raw honey, you'll want to try our Japanese Knotweed Honey. Also known as Red Bamboo, honeybees make a rich, ruby-hued honey from this ornamental shrub with a controversial background.

Notes of chocolate, vanilla, and coffee infuse this unique honey. Japanese Knotweed grows to 10 feet tall and blooms late in the summer with clusters of beautiful white flowers when other nectar sources are scarce. An invasive species, it’s the bane of gardeners and conservationists. But it has interesting medicinal properties; the shoots are edible!

From our perspective, anything that helps honeybees can’t be all bad. As development encroaches on open spaces, honeybees and other pollinators often forage invasive plants like autumn olive and honeysuckle bush. We’ve sourced this honey from another small-scale beekeeper friend with hives in Warren County. 

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